Nourish is a doorway into a foundation of self-love through simple self care, that teaches the body to heal itself by itself using breathing, energetic hygiene, emotional alchemy, and practices that rekindle the fire within, and help you to cultivate a relationship with your light.

The world needs us now more than ever, but how we show up is everything.

The era of the overstressed, overworked, undernourished hustle culture is coming to an end.

This new era is about serving others from a cup that is overflowing - a heart bursting with unconditional love & acceptance for all.

This can only be done when the heart is open.

The heart can only open when it feels safe.

There are many reasons our hearts close, including traumatic experiences, societal/familial/religious conditioning, the list goes on. It's all to keep us safe, as a healthy defense mechanism. This is all good and well, our bodies know what to do to keep us healthy, until it keeps us at a distance from one another and disconnected from nature due to deep fear, anger, shame, guilt, etc. When our hearts are closed, these emotions do not have space to be properly expressed and released, because the heart feels unsafe. In this separation from our true nature, which is feeling nature - animal nature - anxiety, depression, dis-ease, and a myriad of other conditions are born, and wreak havoc on our bodies, minds, and ultimately, our souls.

This is the root of nervous system dysregulation (a wounded inner child, a closed heart, separation, call it what you want, it's all the same.)

I am devoted to this work in reconnecting with our animal nature, through the medicine of nature, of the animal.

This is exactly what Nourish is all about: Reconnecting with the animal body, tending to it with gentleness, love, and care, re-learning to listen to the body's subtle language, so we can grow deeper in love with ourselves.

A world full of people who love themselves is a world I want to live in.

It starts right here, in the heart.

It starts with you.

If you are ready to take the first step in getting to know yourself deeper then ever before, to feel safe in your body, to feel safe on this Earth, I invite you to Nourish.


This self-guided course is for you if:

·You feel disconnected from your body, have trouble digesting not only your food but your emotions and/or daily experiences

·You crave a deeper connection to yourself and your body

·You wish to feel a sense of oneness with the natural world

·You're sick and tired of feeling sick & tired

·You struggle with anxiety, have trouble focusing for extended periods of time, are prone to exhaustion or feel burned out and stressed out

·You need a change, but you're not sure where to start

I Am Ready!

Let's Get Wild!

When You Opt In, You Receive:

5+ hours of recorded video content

4 somatic embodiment practices to get you in touch with your primal self & release stuck emotions from your nervous system

✦ 3 phases of additional resources including rituals ideas, supportive plant medicines, and journal prompts, delivered through a beautiful eBook

✦ 2 mini-classes focusing on daily ritual refinement for greater awareness & presence

✦ 1 Masterclass all about the incredible Nervous System

Full Body Yes!


Nature moves slowly, in cycles, repeating patterns until she is satisfied they are strong and capable to grow on their own. The nervous system reflects this - it is our inner garden.

This is why Nourish was created as a recorded, self-guided course.

Return to the practices,  teaching modules, and ebook again and again, enjoy lifetime access to this course!

Not Sure If Nourish Is For You?

Maybe you feel comfortable with your rituals and practices, or maybe your knowledge of your inner workings feels pretty solid. Celebrating you, dear one!

Maybe doing the inner work feels scary, or daunting, or like something you're not quite ready to face, and for that, I celebrate you as well, for honoring where you are right now. It's absolutely perfect.

Maybe, it's something else...

Wherever you are on your personal journey, I offer you another doorway into this work and invite you into Nourish with Nature, an eBook & masterclass bundle full of resources and plant allies to support you on your journey!

This is for you:

·If you've never used plant medicine before, and are interested in learning how plants can support you in greater vibrance, vitality and healing

·If you want to go deeper with the plants & learn about how nature spirits and plant medicine can support you in your daily life, through all the ups and downs

·You no longer wish to rely primarily on outside sources for your health, and let your heart guide you to what your body needs

·You're feeling burned out and depleted from your diet & lifestyle choices, but are not sure what alternatives are for you or how to use them

·You seek a deeper connection with nature and all beings, and care to cultivate a reverent relationship with the living world

·You could browse the health & beauty aisle of the market for days but would like to do so with more confidence & clarity

Yes, This Is For Me!

Nourish with Nature

You Will Receive:

·A beautiful downloadable eBook full of ritual ideas and over 20 plant allies to work with (and how to work with them in right relation)

·A 2.5 hour masterclass with a guided meditation to connect with Mother Earth, and channeled transmission going even deeper with the plants

¸·A direct pathway to your heart, lined with fragrant flower petals and forever friends