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Hello Radiant One.

My name is ILONA LUMA,

Welcome to my Queendom.

The Luminary Collective was born from an outsider's dream to create a kinder more open-hearted world, where all are welcome, where all of our fires are fed with unconditional love.

The Luminary Collective is a living library of courses & masterclasses for fellow sensitive, magical, healing humans that offers resources to not only feel safe to experience the myriad of unique realities that exist person to person, but to learn to harness & refine the energy that moves us through life's many journeys.

Through my work as an Esoteric Herbalist & Personal Empowerment Mentor, I approach the journey of personal growth (ascension) through a lens of descension - integrating our animal with our angel through the gifts of our Mother Earth - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, so we can truly experience the beauty of being a Soul in a human body anchored in the present moment.

This is what you will find in each and every one of my offerings whether it is a 1:1 whole-istic mentorship session, course/masterclass, or intentionally made self-love product.

I am so grateful to have you here, hold space for you, and watch you grow, blossom & bloom.

I am so honored to be a part of your journey, as you are such a beautiful and integral part of mine.

Love, Light & Faerie Wishes,

Ilona Luma

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Tools & Resources for every stage of personal growth, transformation & self discovery.

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Personalized Support (including but not limited to) Astrology Readings, Custom Vibrational Plant Medicine & Embodied Holistic Healing/Empowerment Sessions


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Experience the love that lives within you, the beauty that is all around you, and the freedom that comes from living an embodied life. One with nature, one with the universe, one with yourself.


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"Having space held by Ilona is such mama earth medicine. Her calming and soothing voice in meditation allows me to go deep into the practice and experience more connection to spirit, my guides and the elements. I feel so supported by the way she offers multiple opportunities to explore what is going on in the moment and how my body is speaking to me. When I am held in Ilona’s space I feel seen, heard and understood. Her presence and channeled guidance is truly a blessing."
-Jess B

"Through Ilona's spiritual & intuitive knowledge, her magical presence & guidance helped me to ignite my own inner flame. Her custom flower essences, essential oil candles, and herbal products feel like true nourishment for my body & soul. Her breathwork sessions have helped me release blockages from my body & mind and achieve a more peaceful existence. Everything she offers has empowered me to truly change my life."

-Beth B

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